Piers Morgan's CNN show cancelled -- some thoughts

The Daily Mail in the UK is reporting that Piers' show has been cancelled and will only run for "a matter or weeks."
. . . Three years after taking over for Larry King, ratings for Piers Morgan Live are a fraction of rivals such as Fox News and MSNBC causing network president Jeffrey Zucker to decide to pull the plug on the British journalist. . . .
Plans for a replacement are underway, but Morgan and the network are in talks about him remaining on the air in a different role.
‘That’s run its course and Jeff and I have been talking for some time about different ways of using me,’ said Morgan, whose contract with the network ends in September.Morgan gained a reputation for taking a polarizing stance on issues such as gun control which didn’t chime with an American audience and lead to an online petition last year to deport him over his views. . . .
In another debate on gun controls, Morgan shouted down economist John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime and branded him a liar for claiming gun crime trends in countries such as Britain supported his thesis. . . .
On Piers' claim that I was a liar, please see my response available here.

For other past posts I had on Piers see these.

--Piers Morgan goes on rants against those who appeared on his show, making fun of my scars from surgery

--Erik Wemple: "CNN’s Piers Morgan, talking himself into trouble"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm actually going to miss Piers. It was always amusing when you or other guests deconstructed his anti-gun, anti-civil rights natterings.

It was great theater that exposed the left's use of bullying, dorm room statistics and hyperbole to support the unsupportable.

2/24/2014 4:04 PM  

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