Just listing some July terror attacks in Europe

Terrorism in July in France and Germany

July 24, 2016: Twelve people were injured, Ansbach, Germany: 27-year-old Syrian national set off a bomb outside a music festival
July 22, 2016: nine shot to death, Munich, Germany: by 18-year-old Iranian/German  
July 19, 2016injured four people, two critically, train passengers with an axe in Wuerzburg, teenager reportedly shouted the Islamic phrase "Allahu akbar"
July 17, 2016killing 84 people, Driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was a career criminal, used a truck and a gun to kill people.
July 14, 2016: 2 killed, murder by an Islamic State jihadist of a police officer and police secretary at their home in Magnanville, 50 km northwest of Paris.  French police arrested three men, age 27, 29 and 44.

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More Clinton Corruption: By large wealthy donors giving money directly to groups to pay for Bill Clinton's speaking fees, they have apparently hidden $ gifts to him

So why isn't this big news?  From the Washington Free Beacon:
By all accounts, it was the most popular gala the Lady Taverners had ever held. Over 1,000 people packed the Park Lane Hilton in London on Oct. 30, 2009, with the crowd overflowing into the hallways, to listen to President Bill Clinton speak on the power of giving. 
While Clinton’s speech helped raise a substantial sum for the prominent cricket charity, his staggering $290,000 speaking fee was not covered by the group, according to organizers. The fee also was not covered by “World Management Limited,” the marketing company Hillary Clinton listed as the payment source in her federal financial filings. 
It was bankrolled by a wealthy British businessman named Robert Whitton—a name you won’t find included in the Clintons’ public disclosure forms. . . . 




Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.24.27
Dr. John Lott talked with host John Cardillo about his Fox News piece regarding the FBI not recommending prosecution of Hillary Clinton.
(July 6, 2016 9:00am-9:16am)
Audio is available here.



On Al Jazeera International to talk changing background checks, banning assault weapons, and gun-free zones

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at Wednesday, June 29, 12.18 AM
CPRC's Dr. John Lott was on Al Jazeera International on Friday, June 17th, 2016 to discuss changing background checks, banning assault weapons, and gun-free zones.
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at Wednesday, June 29, 12.17 AM


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants Citizens United overturned, What does that mean?

From the WSJ:
Her other goal is overturning Citizens United v. FEC, which in 2010 restored First Amendment rights for businesses and unions. “It would be an impossible dream. But I’d love to see Citizens United overruled,” she said, thus signaling she’ll do everything she can to see that happen. She also boasted that she expected to be back in the five-vote majority soon. . . .
Overturning Citizens United would allow the government to ban movies, TV, and books 60 days before elections. During presidential election years the government could ban all these things for almost 10 months.


Recent interviews on Mark Levin, Lars Larson, and Laura Ingraham's radio shows

My recent interview with Mark Levin is available here.

My recent interview with Lars Larson is available here.

My recent interview with Laura Ingraham is available here.



On One America News' The Daily Ledger: Gun Ownership and Terrorism

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 5.29.08 PM
Crime Prevention Research Center's John Lott was on the One America News Network to discuss gun ownership and terrorism (Wednesday, June 29, 2016)
Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 5.29.24 PM


Newest piece in the New York Post: Obama’s false racism claims are putting cops’ lives in danger

New York Post Banner
Dr. John Lott's latest piece in the New York Post raises concerns about how President Obama sees racism whenever there is a difference in outcomes.  One sentence that was cut from the piece due to space constraints noted: "President Obama’s claim makes as much sense as saying that since men make up 49% of the population but 93% of the people in prison, there must be discrimination against men."  Lott's piece starts this way:
Hours before the murders of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, President Obama was again spouting false claims about racism by the police. He sees racism whenever there is any disparity in outcomes, no matter what the cause.
Obama and others inflame passions, but take no responsibility, and instead use events to push for more gun control. Yet, shouting racism can endanger the lives of police officers. The Dallas police chief tells us one of the shooters “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”
After the Trayvon Martin case, there were numerous cases around the country of blacks attacking whites and invoking Martin’s name.
Let’s not forget that NYPD cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were executed by a black man who was angry about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.
Obama and his administration spoke out repeatedly on the Martin and Brown cases. They repeatedly claimed racism was involved, but in fact there’s no evidence of that in either case.
Obama is also wrong, as he was on Thursday, to infer racism from higher arrest rates or prison-sentence lengths. “African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites,” he said. What he failed to note is that blacks commit murder at almost six times the rate whites do.
“African-American and Hispanic population, who make up only 30 percent of the general population, make up more than half of the incarcerated population,” he added. But Obama ignores the facts put out by his own Department of Justice. The FBI claims that gangs commit 80 percent of crimes in the US, and the National Gang Center estimates that 82 percent of gang members are black or Hispanic.
Obama claimed: “[Blacks] receive sentences that are almost 10 percent longer than comparable whites arrested for the same crime.” Putting aside questions as to how comparable the crimes are or the criminals’ past histories, Obama again leaves out crucial details. Whites are more likely to face other penalties — fines and restitution, loss of professional licenses, and a greater drop in legitimate earnings upon returning to the labor force after prison.
Will Obama be complaining about the “racist” aspects of these other penalties?
Of course, Obama isn’t alone in pushing these misleading claims. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.
Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at Saturday, July 9, 7.19 PM
Sources for piece:
Obama's statements before and after the Dallas shooting.  Murder rate data by race for 2014 is available here and the national demographics used to determine murder rates by race.  Information from the National Youth Gang Survey Analysis and crimes committed by gangs.
See also "Police group director: Obama caused a 'war on cops'"
“I think [the Obama administration] continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible,” William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said in an interview with Fox on Friday morning.
Johnson said although the Thursday night shooting of law enforcement officers reminded him of “the violence in the streets in the 60’s and 70’s,” he pointed out how Obama’s response appeared different than his predecessors.
“I think one of the big differences then was you had governors and mayors and the president — whether it was President Johnson or President Nixon, Republican or Democrat — condemning violence against the police and urging support for the police,” Johnson said. “Today that's markedly absent. I think that's a huge difference, and that's directly led to the climate that allows these attacks to happen.”
"It's a war on cops," Johnson also said. "And the Obama administration is the Neville Chamberlain of this war." . . .


Some Fact Slowly Appearing on Minnesota Police Shooting of Philando Castile

The shooting of Philander Castile by Officer Geronimo Yanez has gotten national attention, but the case might not have been quite as simple as many have thought.   Indeed, 21 officers were injured in rioting on Saturday night.  Yanez's lawyer had this to say:
“I’m not concerned about criminal proceedings here and I don’t think he is either,” attorney Thomas Kelly told PBS Saturday.Kelly said in a separate interview with The Associated Press that Officer Jeronimo Yanez was reacting to “the presence of that gun and the display of that gun” when he shot Castile multiple times.  . . .
Kelly said that Castile did not obey the instructions of the police.
“I can tell you that the driver disregarded the clear commands of Officer Yanez,” Kelly said, adding that “race had nothing to do with the shooting.” . . .
"There was more than just the equipment violation,” he said, refusing to share any more details due to an ongoing investigation.
Obama's comments surely suggested that the officer was at fault.
I want to begin by expressing my condolences for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. As I said in the statement that I posted on Facebook, we have seen tragedies like this too many times. 
The Justice Department, I know, has opened a civil rights investigation in Baton Rouge. The governor of Minnesota, I understand, is calling for an investigation there as well.
As is my practice, given my institutional role, I can’t comment on the specific facts of each case. And I have confidence (AUDIO GAP). 
But what I can say is that all of us as Americans should be troubled by the news. These are not isolated incidents. They are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system. . . . 
The Governor of Minnesota clearly argued that racism was the problem behind the shooting.
“Would this have happened if those passengers would have been white? I don’t think it would have,” Gov. Mark Dayton said to a crowd that gathered outside his residence all day and night Thursday. . . .
The president doesn't even mention that the officer doing the shooting in Minnesota, Geronimo Yanez, was Mexican. 

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Not an Assault Weapon: Dallas Police murderer used an SKS semi-automatic rifle

We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. And in the days ahead, we’re going to have to consider those realities as well.
-- President Obama July 8, 2016
Yet again, President Obama is pushing for gun control laws wouldn't have stopped the attack that is being used to motivate the new law.
Micah Xavier Johnson, the man who killed 5 police officers and wounded 7 others, used a SKS semi-automatic rifle.  The SKS is a gun that was designed 73 years ago.  It is essentially a deer hunting rifle in terms of its inside guns and the caliber of its bullets (.30 caliber).  This gun wasn't classified as an assault weapon under the Federal assault weapon ban.  The President's call to renew the ban wouldn't have affected the gun used in this shooting.  Given that this gun is functionally identical to all other .30 caliber semi-automatic rifles, one would have to ban all semi-automatic .30 caliber rifles.
Given all the discussion about magazine sizes, "SKS rifles generally have a 10 round fixed magazine that can be loaded via stripper clips. Larger capacity fixed magazines with questionable reliability are available as well. Some SKS aficionadas can load the gun with stripper clips with the same speed as loading a detachable magazine into an AR-15 or AK-47.  It does take practice, however."
These guns sell for about $400.



So why have stock prices fallen so much in the rest of the EU after Brexit?

From the Economist:
But it is a more fundamental, yet less-discussed, concern that is unsettling businessmen to the core, and not just German ones: loss of control. Without the British, they fear, the balance of power in the Brussels legislation-factory will shift to countries that favour protectionism over free trade. Bosses in every sector, from finance to pharmaceuticals, are worrying about the European regulatory climate when they can no longer count on the British banging their fist on the table, demanding free trade and lobbying for open markets. Britons at the European Commission are already being relieved of some of their duties. Over the coming months this will only get worse. . . .

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An email that I got from an admirer

An email that I got from an admirer. This is easier to show than most simply because it doesn't have a string of swear words.
On Monday, July4, 2016, at Monday, July 4, 7:25 PM, Margie Levinthal wrote:
The Crime Prevention Research Center is today's version of the Council for Tobacco Research, pedaling lies, false statistics and fake science all the while getting paid to harm the lives of many innocent and good people. Nice career and legacy you've built for yourself and ironically I'm sure you know exactly the damage you're doing. Hope the salary justifies it for you because it's always about the money for fools like you. Just can't imagine what lengths your descendants are going to go to to disassociate themselves from you and that legacy. Feel good as you rake it in because if you ever have a time to reflect on your life and your mission here on planet Earth with your fellow homo sapiens you may come to realize you can't take the money with you but you leave that legacy behind and it cannot be easily erased.



This past week Hillary Clinton was caught jeopardizing security for the entire State Department so that she could avoid FOIA laws

So what about the news this week that Hillary hadn't turned over an important email where she order the entire State Department to turn off their email security measures so that she could continue using her private server? The email that she failed to turn over also shows that she lied about the reasons for doing this -- she was willing to turn off the security measures for all State Dept emails so that people wouldn't have FOIA access to her emails.



Gun licensing and corruption

From Fox News:
. . . Two high-ranking New York Police Department officials and a police sergeant who oversaw gun license applications were among the latest arrests in a case that has cast a cloud over the nation's largest municipal police force. 
A businessman who contributed heavily to the election campaign of Mayor Bill de Blasio already has pleaded guilty in the case. Earlier this month, federal prosecutors charged the head of the correction officers' union with taking kickbacks. De Blasio, a Democrat, hasn't been implicated in any wrongdoing. 
A criminal complaint accompanying the latest charges described how Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg exploited his connections within the police department to arrange arrests, speed up gun application processing, make tickets disappear, obtain police escorts for him and his friends, get assistance from uniformed personnel to resolve personal disputes and boost security at religious sites and events. . . .



On Canada's The Rebel: On the push for new background check rules after Orlando Massacre

Lott on the Rebel
Dr. John Lott talked to Ezra Levant about the new gun control background checks being pushed after the Orlando attack.


On The Mark Levin Show: Orlando Terror Attack, Gun-Free Zones & Gun Control

Mark Levin Picture

CPRC President, Dr. John Lott, talked with Mark Levin about the Orlando Mass Public Shooting & the dangers of gun-free zones.  Audio here.
(Monday, June 13, 2016 from 7:20 to 7:44 PM)



In the NY POST: Why Terrorists Target Gun-Free Zones

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.46.55 AM
Dr. John Lott has a new op-ed at the New York Post that starts this way:
When will politicians finally recognize that they can’t protect all the possible shooting targets?
Possibly the largest mass public shooting in US history occurred early on Sunday morning, leaving 50 dead. On Friday, also in Orlando, singer Christina Grimmie was murdered after a concert.
Both of these shootings had something in common: They both occurred in places where private citizens were banned from carrying permitted concealed handguns.
With the exception of Donald Trump, over the last few days politicians have talked about everything but gun-free zones. Hillary Clinton and President Obama have been talking background checks on the private transfers of guns or banning people who are on the “no-fly lists” from buying guns.
But not one of the mass shootings since at least 2000, including Sunday’s, would’ve been stopped by these laws. Nor would renewing the federal “assault weapons” ban solve the problem; even research paid for by Bill Clinton’s administration found no evidence the ban reduced any type of crime.
Just a couple of months ago, a young ISIS sympathizer planned a shooting at one of the largest churches in Detroit. An FBI wire recorded him explaining why he had picked the church as a target: “It’s easy, and a lot of people go there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church. Plus it would make the news.”
Police are probably the single most important factor in stopping crime, but stopping a mass public shooting is an extremely dangerous proposition for officers and security guards alike. Attackers will generally first shoot any uniformed guards or officers who are present. During the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last year, the first person killed was the guard who was protecting the magazine’s offices.. . .
The rest of the piece is available here.
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at Thursday, June 16, 2.57 PM


NRA conventions and crime

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On Greg Garrison to discussion Katie Couric's distortedly edited movie on gun control

Greg Garrison WIBC Radio

I talked to Greg Garrison on WIBC in Indianapolis on Katie Couric's new movie that edits people's comments to distorts their responses (Friday, May 27, 2016 from 11:05 to 11:30 AM).

 Interview here.



On the Charlie Sykes Show on the big 50,000 watt WTMJ in Milwaukee: Benefits of Concealed Carry & Discussion of Katie Couric's new gun control movie

WTMJ Banner

talked with substitute host Mike Seigel about the benefits of concealed carry for self defense. Also discussed is Katie Couric's new gun-control documentary "Under The Gun." Couric interviewed Dr. Lott for almost 4 hours but ended up not using any of the material. Couric had no experts on the opposite side of the gun-control issue even though Dr. Lott was told they wanted to have balance in the documentary. (May 31st 2016 9:07am-9:24am CT)

Interview here.


A note on some recent Chicago gun control laws: Still no gun stores or shooting ranges in Chicago

People know that handguns were banned in Chicago up until 2010.  Then there were extreme restrictions on where you could posses a gun even in your home (e.g., not in your garage or on your porch).  There were other strict gun control laws.  It might be hard to believe, but Chicago has had rules that banned the sale or transfers of guns.  It has banned training facilities.
A federal judge on Monday [Jan 7, 2014] overturned Chicago's ban on the sale and transfer of firearms, ruling that the city's ordinances aimed at reducing gun violence are unconstitutional. 
U.S. District Judge Edmond E. Chang said in his ruling that while the government has a duty to protect its citizens, it's also obligated to protect constitutional rights, including the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. However, Chang said he would temporarily stay the effects of his ruling, meaning the ordinances can stand while the city decides whether to appeal. . . .
Now Cook County, like Seattle, has a tax on ammunition.  From the Illinois Business Daily (May 30, 2016):
A per-bullet tax on ammunition set to take effect in June in Cook County is expected to provide over $300,000 in new revenue a year, but the tax faces serious opposition at the state level. 
“The gun tax is nothing more than a modern day poll tax against the poor,” John Boch, executive director of the pro-gun Guns Save Life group told Illinois Business Daily in an email. “Gun control is racist, classist and sexist--we don't support those things.” 
The latest tax is part of a $4.5 billion budget approved last November for the county, which includes roughly $500 million in new spending funded primarily by various sales tax increases, including the ammo tax. 
A bill currently in the Illinois General Assembly, however, could stop those ammunition tax increases and even possibly roll back previous ones. House Bill 4348 would take away the power for local governments to impose sales tax increases on weapons and ammunition, stating that cities and home rule communities “may not impose any tax, fee or other assessment other than the normal sales tax rate for goods, on any firearms, firearm attachments or firearm ammunition.” Boch said he hoped the bill would preempt any legal action the group might take against the new taxes. . . . 
Besides the famous McDonald case, other Court cases that have cut back on Chicago's gun laws are: Ezell v. City of Chicago (7th Cir. 2011) (right to arms would be meaningless without right to “maintain proficiency” by “training and practice” at a shooting range); Illinois Ass’n of Firearms Retailers v. City of Chicago (N.D. Ill. 2014) (right to arms includes “the right to acquire a firearm” so city ban on all gun stores is void).  So the courts struck down the bans, but the question is how many shooting ranges or gun stores there are in Chicago.  It looks like there are currently no shooting ranges in Chicago. Try Googling "'shooting ranges' Chicago."  As of January this year there was one attempt at "pitching plans to open the city's only gun store and gun range," but nothing has happened so far.

Illinois is one of the 42 Shall-Issue states, so in an important sense it is more liberal than most of the 8 May Issue states, but, with a 16 hour training requirement and $150 fee, it takes about $500 to get a concealed handgun permit. This is by far the most costly of the different Shall-Issue states.

This inability to have easy access to training or a store as well as the costs of getting a permit means that law-abiding poor people will find it very difficult to legally defend themselves.


Criminal immigrants reoffend at "markedly higher than Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have suggested to Congress in the past"

In 2013, Obama administration released 36,000 illegal alien criminals awaiting deportation (Senator Ted Cruz has pointed out that if you add the 36,000 released from detention in 2013 and the 68,000 released that year under prosecutorial guidelines the total comes to 104,000).  In 2015 that number had grown to almost 90,000.  We have seen the Obama administration refusing to pick up illegal alien who is committing a misdemeanor and a felony.  Democrats have claimed that the recidivism rate for these illegals were about 15.9 percent (though the link to the study appears broken).  Well, a new study by the Boston Globe has found a recidivism rate in three years that is twice as high. 
. . . A Globe review of 323 criminals released in New England from 2008 to 2012 found that as many as 30 percent committed new offenses, including rape, attempted murder, and child molestation — a rate that is markedly higher than Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have suggested to Congress in the past.  
The names of these criminals have never before been made public and are coming to light now only because the Globe sued the federal government for the list of criminals immigration authorities returned to neighborhoods across the country. A judge ordered the names released in 2013, and the Globe then undertook the work that the federal government didn’t, scouring court records to find out how many released criminals reoffended. 
The Globe has also published, in conjunction with this story, a searchable database of the thousands of names that were disclosed to the news organization, so that crime victims, law enforcement officials, and managers of sex offender registries — who are often unaware of these releases — can find out if the criminals may still be in the United States. . . .


On The Blaze's Dana Show: Discussing Expanded Background Check Claims and Katie Couric's Gun Control Movie

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at Friday, June 3, 10.01 AM 2

I talked to Dana Loesch about claims made in the Katie Couric movie on background checks and the EPIX channel's announcement on Tuesday that they are no longer going to be showing her movie.