Criminals mess with the wrong mom: "Mom [with an "assault" rifle] opens fire on home invaders in Detroit to defend children"

This mother of two young children did what she could to protect her family.  Apparently, it wasn't the first time that the family has been robbed.  From WXYZ TV:
A Detroit mother opened fire Monday night when three suspects broke into her home. Surveillance cameras caught it all.
The mother tells 7 Action News she "didn't have time to get scared." When she heard the door to her home on Woodrow Wilson being kicked in, she immediately warned the three teenage intruders and then opened fire.
One of the teens dropped a handgun on his way out the door. He then tried to get back inside the house a second time, but was again met with gunfire. Once again, he took off and all three were arrested shortly after the incident by Detroit Police.
Recalling the panic she felt, the mom says "I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house. They said no you don't so I shot off the first round. I wasn't feeling anything at the moment, I got scared afterwards." . . .
I am really beginning to like Detroit's police chief.

Now Detroit's Chief of Police is responding to the dramatic footage and the mother's actions.
"She did the right thing" says Chief James Craig acknowledging the mother gave a verbal warning prior to firing the weapon.
As we first reported, the mother was protecting two small children inside the home. . . . 

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Blogger Unknown said...

One of these young thugs tried to go back inside the house with his toy gun to face the armed homeowner. Did he think he would "get the draw" on the real gun holder? If you ask me they all almost died of stupidity!
In New York the brave mother could be charged with having more than seven rounds in her magazine (not to mention having one of those "evil" "military style assault weapons"). In the UK this lady would get to spend years in jail and the media report would have been quite different - slanted against the irresponsible homeowner taking the "law into her own hands". [It's unlawful to defend yourself at all in the UK]. The young men would probably get a medal for bravery and "treatment" for their traumatic experience.
-- This , of course, is slightly overstated - but not by much!

2/20/2014 7:42 AM  
Blogger Kukulkan said...

I was very happy to see that the police did not seize the mother's weapon. Some departments will seize weapons from innocent people even in situations which are clearly self-defense.

2/20/2014 11:57 AM  

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