So is it better to get an ad for the Super Bowl rejected?: The Self-defense ad rejected by the NFL

I have already put up a post on the NFL rejecting a pro-defensive gun use ad.  Some are now arguing that getting rejected has actually been good for the Daniel Defense ad because that has generated so much more media coverage.  But Bloomberg's ads had the best of both worlds: getting on the Super Bowl and also getting a lot of very favorable news coverage.  I couldn't find any news stories saying something bad about the Bloomberg ads.  Here are some comments from the 2013 ad.  Note that none of these publications have anything so far about the Daniel Defense ad being turned down.

From Politico:
A gun control group founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg aired an advertisement during the Super Bowl calling for background checks. 
The 30-second spot by Mayors Against Illegal Guns aired in the Washington area at the end of halftime of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. 
The ad calls on lawmakers to pass rules requiring background checks on guns. It is narrated by children, with "America the Beautiful" playing in the background. . . .
From the New Yorker:
Five children and one grown-up appear in “It’s Time,” a Super Bowl ad bought by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group that has behind it more than eight hundred mayors and the personal money of Mike Bloomberg of New York. The children are playing and smiling and posing in front of an American flag. The grown-up—Wayne LaPierre, executive vice-president of the N.R.A.—is seen in a video from 1999, testifying that he has no problem with closing the loophole that allows allows unlicensed dealers to sell guns to anyone they like, with no background checks at all. He does now: at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence, LaPierre said having all gun buyers go through background checks would create a “universal federal nightmare.” . . . 
This is a more frank act of lobbying than the cheerful ad the group ran last February, when the Giants were playing the Patriots and Bloomberg and Thomas Menino, the mayor of Boston, sat next to each other in jerseys and talked about how they might disagree about bagels and the Red Sox but were at one in support of the Second Amendment—with some limits. And it wasn’t a general evocation of tragedy, like having children from Newtown sing “America the Beautiful” with Jennifer Hudson. Bloomberg seems to have decided that this moment is less about supplicating or pretending there’s no real discord, and more about getting a bill through Congress. That will involve putting cracks in the N.R.A.’s defenses. . . .
From the Business Insider is entitled "Mike Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Will Air This Devastating Super Bowl Ad Slamming A Big NRA Flip-Flop":
The gun control group founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will air a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl featuring a child narrator and aimed at the NRA's flip-flop on background checks.  
Because of the high-profile spot the Super Bowl affords it, the ad is perhaps the most significant gun-control push from Bloomberg's group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. . . .
Other news stories include Slate, the Daily Caller, and other stories that I am not going to take the time to list.


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