Al Franken's approval rating down to 39% in Minnesota

Franken's approval numbers may be tracking Obama's downward.  This race hasn't been on anyone's radar for a while, but it will be now.  I just read a piece in Politico noting that this could be one of the most expensive races in the country. From the St Could (Minn) Times:
. . . The approval numbers come from the annual 2013 St. Cloud State University Survey. A portion of the findings were released Wednesday.   
In the statewide survey, 39 percent of respondents rated Franken’s performance as “excellent” or “pretty good,” with 51 percent rating him as “only fair” or “poor.”   
Forty-four percent of respondents rated Dayton at “excellent” or “pretty good,” with 52 percent scoring him as “only fair” or “poor.”   
For President Barack Obama, 38 percent of respondents rated him as “excellent” or “pretty good,” with 61 percent scoring him “only fair” or “poor.” . . .



Blogger susupply said...

Minnesota; a tough room.

12/02/2013 10:07 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I Live in the "People's Republic of Minnesota". This state drives me nuts. The people are down to earth and are conservative in all of their values, except for voting the Democrats. Remember, the only state to vote for Mondale, not Reagan.

I absolutely hate the fact the Franken stole the election, really a 1100 vote swing in a recount. Magically finding more voting boxes. Argh, are we becoming Chicago? Then he is the final deciding vote for Obama Care.

I'm hoping that this state is starting to wake up with Franken and Gov. Mark Dayton. Dayton raised the top income tax bracket, encouraging businesses to leave. 3M has announced that they will not open any new plants in MN. All of the Medical Tech companies are expanding in Costa Rica, not in Minnesota. Wake Up already. Oh, by the way, Mark Dayton, a billionaire stores his money in South Dakota, which has no income tax. Got to love the hypocrisy.

I really hope that people wake up that the Democrats are just trying to make everyone equally poor, as part of their greater effort to just control people. Remember, you are too dumb to handle your own money and control your life.

Sorry for the rant. Vote for anyone other than Senator Al Franken and Governor Mark Dayton.

12/02/2013 11:34 AM  

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