Obama's regulatory push is really being unleashed

Americans have seen Obama's regulations end internship programs, declare war on piano teachers,  and make life very difficult for makers of guitars.  In the past even the liberals on the Supreme Court have found some of Obama's regulations going much too far (e.g., striking down Obama's attempt to impose Federal discrimination rules on who religious organizations can have as their religious leaders).  But now with the Democrats' court packing scheme for the DC Circuit, radical Democrats are going to be controlling regulatory decisions for decades.  From The Hill newspaper:
. . . Three of the judicial vacancies are at the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court is charged with ruling on challenges to rules imposed by federal agencies, often making it ground zero for battles over Obama’s regulatory agenda. 
The court’s bench is currently split evenly between judges nominated by Democratic and Republican presidents. But five of six semi-retired “senior judges” who help with the court’s workload were installed during Republican administrations. 
In recent years, the court has dealt a series of blows to the Obama administration’s agenda by striking down regulations on numerous fronts.  
The change in the Senate’s rules come at a time when judges are expected to decide major disputes over provisions in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, ObamaCare and the president's push on climate change, several observers of the court said. 
“It removes one set of barriers to having regulations in place,” Donner said. 
Beyond blocking regulatory initiatives, the court has had a chilling effect on agencies that regulate the financial sector, advocate groups say. . . .

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