Shooting spree in China leaves six dead

So a regular "hunting rifle" was used in this case.  From the UK Guardian:
In a rare case of gun violence in China a man fatally shot five people and beat a sixth to death, including some of his factory colleagues and a soldier, police have said. 
The 62-year-old man's killing spree started when he used unspecified tools to beat a colleague to death over an economic dispute, according to Shanghai police. The man identified as having the surname Fan killed his colleague on Saturday afternoon at a chemical factory in Shanghai's Baoshan district, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau said. 
The bureau said Fan then took a hunting rifle that was hidden in his dormitory, asked a driver to take him to another district and shot him on the way. After killing the man Fan drove the vehicle back to Baoshan and killed a soldier who was guarding the entrance to a barracks. He also took the soldier's gun. 
Fan then returned to the factory and fatally shot three more people with his hunting rifle, including a manager. Police said they captured him in the factory about six hours after his killing spree started. . . .
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Blogger Blaine Holzer said...

I wonder if Mediamatters and the "Brady bunch" will blame this shooting on the influence of the NRA. I mean there's no telling how far those "gun violence 'memes'" can travel. Better to be safe than sorry! No guns for ANYONE and background checks and waiting periods for all sharps and blunt objects! "If we can save just one . . ." Right?

Molon Labe!

6/24/2013 7:05 PM  

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