Obama administration made it very difficult for media to get info on the IRS

Remember Obama's promise in 2009 to have the most transparent administration ever?  Well, from using secret email accounts to evade reporting requirements to now adding new rules to make it harder to get public records for documents, the Obama administration is doing what it can to hide information. From Fox News:
Even as the freshly minted Obama administration was pledging a "new era of open government" in 2009, officials were quietly adding new rules that had the potential to slow down public requests for documents. 
Those rules, detailed in memos reviewed by FoxNews.com, could even trip up present-day efforts to dig into the IRS' practice of targeting conservative groups. The rules detailed in the memos largely emanated from the Treasury Department and, specifically, the IRS.
"It would seem to repudiate this notion that this is going to be the most transparent government in history," said Dan Epstein, executive director of Cause of Action, the group that first obtained the memos. 
The memos follow reports about the administration's use of private email accounts, and coincide with ongoing debate about government transparency -- particularly with recent disclosures about widespread surveillance programs. . . .

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Blogger L R said...

I wonder what Fox would be saying about all of this scandalous stuff if it was a Republican in office. I'd bet they'd be excusing it right and left. Hannity sure did.

6/20/2013 8:04 PM  

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