Very few people show up the Obama orchestrated gun control rallies

From Breitbart.com:

Last week, Obama's political action arm, Organizing For Action, held rallies throughout the country advocating for stricter gun laws. Their rallies drew small numbers as seen here and here.  
We can thank the vigilant San Bernardino Sun for putting a spotlight on perhapsthe smallest of the rallies. . . . 
"The protest drew three members of Organizing for Action, a nonprofit group that supports President Barack Obama's agenda, to the National Orange Show Events Center." . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best Contrasting story? In that San Bernadino paper the #8 most viewed story is a report of 6/14 detailing a homeowner self defense use with a gun:
"A San Bernardino homeowner shot a man who allegedly broke into his house late Saturday.
Police came to the 2200 block of West Mill Street at 11:24 p.m. and found Leonard Guerra, 35, of San Bernardino suffering from a gunshot wound inside the home.

Officers discovered that Guerra broke into the home, which was being renovated. The homeowner's daughter entered the residence to check on it and screamed for help when she saw Guerra. The intruder grabbed the woman.

The woman's father woke up, grabbed a handgun and confronted Guerra.

The father shot the intruder once when Guerra tried to attack him.

Paramedics took him to an area hospital where he was listed in critical, but stable condition. He is being held on suspicion of burglary and false imprisonment

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/ci_23472369/san-bernardino-burglar-shot-by-homeowner?source=most_viewed#ixzz2WhFbnbfA.

6/19/2013 4:40 PM  

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