Gun control group counts terrorist killed by police as victim of gun violence, so what is new? Gun control advocates count mass shooters as victims

I have often complained to the media after these mass shootings that the number of people "killed" includes the killers themselves.  To me, it had always implied a very disturbing equivalency between the victims and the killers.  From Fox News:
A gun control group that sought to raise awareness to their cause at a New Hampshire rally by reading off the names of 4,500 people killed by firearms since the Connecticut school shootings drew jeers when they included the name of Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to a report. 
Supporters of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns movement held the rally on Tuesday, in Concord. And while it is true that Tsarnaev was shot by police -- and then run over by his fleeing brother -- during a gun battle four days after carrying out the deadly terror attack, several in attendance questioned including him as a "victim" of gun violence, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. 
“He's a terrorist,” several gun rights protesters in attendance shouted, according to the paper. . . .
In addition, they also include suicides in their inflated numbers.  Is a suicide, where people would find some other way to commit suicide, the same as a murder?  Is it really that necessary to inflate their numbers?

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