Illinois prosecutor will not prosecute people over carrying concealed handguns

This is not exactly a very populous county with 170,556, but it still provides something to keep track of in testing for the impact of changes in right-to-carry laws.  From the Illinois Pantagraph:
. . . Author and American University law professor Angela Davis said Wednesday that prosecutors have "absolute discretion" to decide whether to pursue charges. She says what's unusual is that McLean County State's Attorney Ronald Dozier is making a public announcement. 
Dozier says he thinks the state law barring people from carrying concealed guns is unconstitutional. He hopes his policy against prosecuting harmless violations will send a message to Illinois lawmakers.  
Cook County prosecutor Anita Alvarez, president of the Illinois State's Attorneys Association, says Dozier is entitled to his opinion about the law but she will continue to fully enforce the law. . . .



Blogger jeff johnson said...

When I read this on foxnews what caught my attention was that he was a former judge...calling these laws unconstitutional!! John I wish we had more judges like this in the scotus :) love your work keep it up.
-Jeff www.californiagunlaws.net https://twitter.com/californiagun

8/23/2012 1:13 PM  

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