Armed citizen comes to the aid of a police officer

From Brownwood, Texas:

Brown County Sheriff’s Department and Early Police Department held a joint press conference Monday to formally discuss Sunday’s Peach House RV Park shooting which left three people and two dogs dead. 
According to Sheriff Bobby Grubbs, the gunman was shot by an armed citizen and responding Early Police Sgt. Steven Means who was being fired upon by the gunman Charles Conner of Early.  Grubbs stated that the gunman and the victims had a verbal confrontation about the dogs, and that Conner shot the male victim, then the dogs, and turned the gun on the male victim’s common law wife with a .9mm handgun. 
Other residents of the RV park were in their homes as the incident occurred, stated Grubbs.  Two adult male residents were reported to have heard the gunshots and saw the victims’ bodies, one of the male residents was the initial reporting party. 
Conner was reported to have gone into his RV which was approximately 75-100 yards away and retrieved a 30-30 rifle which he used to shoot at the responding officer and another resident, according to Grubbs.  He was also armed with two pistols during this time, said Grubbs. . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a note to say if the cut/paste wasn't working properly, but I don't think there are any .9mm firearms yet.

8/03/2012 9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I was told that an armed citizen shooting a bad guy would be shot by the responding police.

8/03/2012 1:55 PM  

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