Gallup Economic Confidence Index falls further into Negative Territory

Gallup Economic Confidence Sub-Indexes -- Weekly Averages in 2012
From Gallup

While the current conditions rating is back to where it was in the beginning of the year, the outlook rate is the worst that it has been this entire year.

Economic Confidence Index, by Political Party, Weekly Averages
The wide party gaps are explained in large part by the fact that the majority of Democrats (55%) feel that the economy is getting better, while the majority of Republicans (83%) and independents (63%) say it is getting worse. . . . 
From Rasmussen:
In the summer of 2009, 58 percent thought the economy would be stronger within five years. By the summer of 2010, only 50 percent had such long-term optimism. By last summer, just 46 percent were that upbeat. And now only 40 percent think the economy will be stronger in five years. . . . 

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