Obama administration considering nominating Andrew Traver as acting head of BATFE

Andrew Traver is strongly anti-private gun ownership, and the Obama administration risks getting a lot of people upset if they make him the acting director.

In November, President Barack Obama nominated Andrew Traver, the head of the ATF's Chicago office, as permanent ATF director. The nomination stalled in the Senate after the National Rifle Association said Mr. Traver had a "demonstrated hostility" to the rights of gun owners.

Mr. Traver is set to travel to Washington on Tuesday to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder and Deputy Attorney General James Cole, the people said. The administration is weighing whether to name Mr. Traver as acting director or choose another interim chief while awaiting Senate action on his nomination, they said. . . .



Blogger Chas said...

By continuing to push an anti-gunner like Andrew Traver, despite their being politically crippled on the gun issue by the murderous Gunwalker scandal, the Obama administration is signaling their willingness to continue to fight against gun rights. They may spin it as Traver merely replacing Melton, but it's red meat to the gun rights crowd. If they're foolish enough to fight when they can't win, all I can say is, bring it on! Please!
The Gunwalker fiasco gave Obama the chance to start over, demonstrate his bi-partisan leadership, and choose someone to head ATF who was non-political, unbiased and inclined to fairly enforce the onerous gun laws. Instead, Obama is doubling down on his anti-gun rights zealot, Traver.
Traver should be issued a pooper-scooper and assigned to the White House lawn, but he should never be confirmed as Director of the BATFE. It will be a good fight, we will win, and Obama/Traver will lose. Go play golf, Mr. President!

6/19/2011 2:17 PM  

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