"Death Wish" British Style

Charles Bronson became famous as the New York City who became a one-man vigilante squad. Playing the role of Paul Kersey, the Bronson character sought revenge after his wife is brutally murdered by street thugs. I response Bronson tries to reduce crime on the mean streets of NYC after dark. He tries to make it risky for the criminals to hunt down victims by letting them know that sometimes victims can defend themselves. Well, I just saw a trailer for a movie called Harry Brown starting the incredible Michael Caine. I don't go out to see many movies, but Caine is such a powerful actor that I am really looking forward to this movie.

Synopsis: Set in modern day Britain, HARRY BROWN follows one man’s journey through a chaotic world where teenage violence runs rampant. As a modest, law abiding citizen, Brown lives alone. His only companion is his best friend Leonard. When Leonard is killed, Brown reaches his breaking point. HARRY BROWN is a powerful, character driven thriller starring two-time Academy Award® winner Michael Caine in a tour-de-force performance.

The trailer for the movie can be found here. A small segment of the movie can be seen below.

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Blogger Zundfolge said...

Its an excellent film. As much as I like Death Wish, it was campy to the point of being almost silly. Harry Brown is a much more serious (and dark) film. Not quite on par with Gran Torino, but more in that vein.

Note that this movie really earns its R rating and there are some scenes that some people may have difficulty with.

4/29/2010 12:34 AM  

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