Most Americans oppose letting government regulate salt intake

From Rasmussen reports:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 33% of Americans think the government should set limits on how much salt Americans can eat. Most adults (55%) disagree and don't think it's any of the FDA's business. Another 12% are not sure.
Perhaps one reason why Americans don’t see a need for government regulation of their salt intake is that 77% of adults say they already monitor the ingredients in their food at least somewhat closely on their own. Only 21% of Americans say they do not closely check what’s in their food. Those numbers include 31% who say they monitor their food very closely and only six percent (6%) who don’t watch what they eat at all.
Still, most Americans (54%) hold a favorable opinion of the FDA, while 39% view it unfavorably. Those results have changed little since a survey conducted three years ago. . . .

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Blogger John A said...

This is beyond silly. The "science" is nearly non-existent (eg, salt reduction may reduce hypertension, but is capable of CAUSING it in only a very small and definable genetically-prone part of the populace), and the "recommended" allowance is actually below what has been shown necessary for health, the human body quite readily (barring already-existing health problem) disposes of excess, and so on.

While it may be overused by food processors, so (in my opinion) is water.

And in my particular case, I buy only one brand of prepared (canned) stew and would never order it in a restaurant because of the ubiquity of peas, which are cheap and "good" unless, like me, you are allergic. Should I ask that peas be curtailed or banned for everybody?

4/28/2010 4:37 PM  

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