New York City Bans Bake Sales in City Schools

Does this make any sense?

There shall be no cupcakes. No chocolate cake and no carrot cake. According to New York City’s latest regulations, not even zucchini bread makes the cut.

In an effort to limit how much sugar and fat students put in their bellies at school, the Education Department has effectively banned most bake sales, the lucrative if not quite healthy fund-raising tool for generations of teams and clubs.

The change is part of a new wellness policy that also limits what can be sold in vending machines and student-run stores, which use profits to help finance activities like pep rallies and proms. The elaborate rules were outlined in a three-page memo issued at the end of June, but in the new school year, principals and parents are just beginning to, well, digest them.

Parent groups and Parent-Teacher Associations are conspicuously given an exception: once a month they are allowed to sell as many dark fudge brownies and lemon bars as they please, so long as lunch has ended. And after 6 p.m. on weekdays, anything goes. But at that hour, most students are long gone, and as far as the Education Department is concerned, stuffing oneself with coconut macaroons and peanut butter cookies at that hour is one’s prerogative.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has made both public health and public education centerpieces of his tenure, and the changes in the schools’ food are an outgrowth of his efforts to curb trans fats, salt and other unwanted additives. . . . .



Blogger Harry Schell said...

"Ve haff ways of dealing vith people who vant zer sugar." said the local gauleiter of schools.

"Und you just vait until ve haff all the doctors vorking for us. Zen you vill be healthy und like it! Or go to ze Russian front as a sandbag."

10/03/2009 1:26 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

Gloomberg supports freedom the way Hitler supported Judaism. He supports it to death.

10/05/2009 9:54 AM  

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