Gun Control in Panama

I will be going to Panama next week to talk about gun control. These were some of the interesting facts that I have found out about the country.

Concealed carry is quite common

"If you have permission to buy the firearm you can carry it concealed on your person, in your pocket or purse, in your vehicle etc. Certain buildings have a firearms prohibited sign on the entrance and of course you should obey these signs. Banks, airports, government offices have such signs. So there are no concealed carry permits in Panama, if you can buy the gun lawfully you can carry it concealed. Exposed carry of the firearm is not allowed and will cause police attention fast."

Types of guns

"You can buy handguns (semi-auto handguns, revolvers), rifles and shotguns. You can have hi-capacity magazines in any type gun, no restrictions. You can not have full-auto firearms. You can have semi-auto rifles and handguns. You can not have a silencer."

"Sawed off Shotguns and Short Barreled Rifles – These are legal in Panama. They are not sold that way but can be modified by a gunsmith to suit. Pistol grip shotguns with no shoulder stock are generally available in the stores with an 18” barrel and a large magazine underneath."

"No armor piercing ammo allowed. Hollow points, high speed light weight defensive rounds etc. are fine."

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Anonymous eppy said...

Sounds nice until you get to the part about the urine and blood samples, for DNA profiling.

11/07/2008 3:25 AM  
Blogger Rail Claimore said...

In some ways, they're better down there than people in RTC states are here. But I wonder how difficult it is to get permission to purchase a gun?

11/07/2008 10:19 PM  

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