New Op-ed in NY Post: WORKERS, BE WARY

Here is what an Obama administration promises for unions:

WOULD you like elections without secret ballots? To most Americans, the notion is absurd. But, if Barack Obama becomes president, secret ballots seem destined to end for at least one type of election: union certifications.

The reasons for secret ballots are obvious. Not everyone feels comfortable making his or her political positions public; many would rather vote without fear of offending or angering someone else. Secret balloting essentially ended an old abuse, vote buying, in US elections.

Yet Obama promises to sign into law the so-called Employee Free Choice Act - which would end secret-ballot elections when it comes to unionization of workplaces. . . .

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Anonymous Steve B said...

I gave this article to a union steward at my work. He didn't get it. I thought you were clear as a bell. I've noticed how hard it is to explain economics to union members. Didn't someone once say: "It is hard to explain a thing to a man when his paycheck depends on him not understanding it."

11/07/2008 12:36 AM  

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