More examples of extreme media bias: Trump and Palin told not to come to funeral, so the media has these bizarre headlines

President Trump and Sarah Palin were bizarrely told not to come to John McCain's funeral. It is one thing not to have someone in the front row, but to tell them not to show up for the funeral is just petty. Sarah Palin has never said a bad word about McCain. What was her crime? So what were they supposed to do? Trump went to play golf.

McCain's career was marked by pettiness. If you feel wronged by someone as McCain obviously is by Trump, take it out on Trump. And McCain did so in pretty despicable ways such as sending an aide to London to pick up the famous dossier filled with fake information and give it to Comey. But out of spite, McCain broke his promise to his voters to repeal Obamacare. That didn't just hurt Trump it hurt all Americans. Where is the honor in that?

The media just can't even try to be slightly balanced. Here are some of the headlines in the media today.

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