Libertarian VP nominee Bill Weld:"Libertarian party pulls substantially more from Mr. Trump"

Libertarian VP nominee Bill Weld claims:"my belief is that the libertarian party pulls substantially more from Mr. Trump" @ 2:41 mark (video is available here).

I had heard that Weld has been raising money with this message as a way of getting those who want Hillary to win to donate money. Consistent with that, it also just so happens that the big dollars that the libertarians have been spending have apparently been on conservative talk radio.

The New York Times also has an op-ed saying that the Libertarians will tilt the election to Hillary Clinton.
With just a few days before Election Day and all eyes fixed on the two leading candidates, it’s easy to overlook a remarkable fact: The Libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, may tilt the election for Hillary Clinton. . . .
As evidence, note that without the Libertarians and Green Party in the race, Trump is down by 1.8% as of Sunday, November 6th at Real Clear Politics.  With the Libertarians and Green Party in the race, Trump is down 2.2%.  Assuming that the Greens 1.8% are taken entirely from Hillary, to get a net loss of 0.4% from Trump you have to have 3.5% of the Libertarians vote come from Trump and 1.3% come from Hillary (73% of their vote from Trump and 27% from Hillary).  

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A machine gun that "it's nearly impossible to prevent its production"

Gun control advocates don't seem to realize how gun control laws primarily prevent law-abiding citizens, not criminals from getting guns.  It isn't just an issue of smuggling guns.  It is also a question of being able to produce them, even machine guns.  Israel can't stop domestic terrorists from making their own machine guns.  From The Times of Israel:
The homemade or craft-produced rudimentary automatic weapon has been used in the majority of shooting attacks on Israeli civilians and security personnel. It’s not accurate and it has a limited range, but it’s cheap and more than powerful enough to cause mayhem and death — and it’s nearly impossible to prevent its production. . . . 
While some more advanced rifles and firearms require specialized tools, the Carlo has remained so popular because of how little machinery and technical know-how is required to produce it, according to N.R. Jenzen-Jones, director of Armament Research Services (ARES), a specialized technical intelligence consultancy. 
A drill press, some welding equipment and blueprints from the internet are all that’s needed to create one of these potentially devastating weapons, a fact that presents a real challenge for Israel and countries around the world that are trying to prevent such guns from winding up in the hands of terrorists and criminals. . . .

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