Two armed men break into home while mother is breastfeeding, she is wounded but shot back and caused robbers to flee

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North Carolina woman defends herself from two armed men who started firing as soon as they broke into her home. They shot her twice, but she was able to keep her baby safe.
As the intruders broke into the home and opened fire, Bunce fired back with her own weapon.
"I think it was a shock to the intruders just as much as it was to her," her husband, Paul Bunce, told the affiliate.
Her son was unharmed in the shooting, police said. . . .
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have charged Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, with attempted first degree murder, felony breaking and entering and conspiracy in connection to the incident. . . .
One of the two men who broke into Bunce's home, Reco Dawkins, had a long criminal record.


Debates coming up this next week on Gun-free zones at Universities in Austin and San Antonio

Kennesaw State University Talk

University of Texas at Austin Law School -- Debate on gun-free zones at universities from noon to 1 PM in the law school, Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

St. Mary's University Law School, San Antonio, Texas -- Debate on gun-free zones at universities from 5:30 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.in the law school, Tuesday, November 17, 2015.


Fox News: "Scrapped: Maryland ends bullet ID program after 15 years, $5M and zero cases solved"

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I was quoted extensively in a Fox News article about Maryland's decision to scrap its ballistic fingerprinting system.  Ballistic fingerprinting was just another way of trying to register guns.
State authorities have conceded that the bullet ID program, enacted in 2000, cost $5 million, was plagued by technical problems and did not solve a single crime. Now, the 300,000 shell casings, one from every handgun sold in the state since the law took effect, will now be sold for scrap metal. . . . 
β€œIt was clear 10 years ago that this program was not going to work,” John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center told FoxNews.com. "Millions were spent on funding this program, money that could have been better used for actual police and law-enforcement resources.” 
Lott even predicted that the program would fail over a decade ago in an op-ed piece in the National Review in February 2005. Even though the state spent approximately $60 per gun to catalog each firearm's unique ballistic signature, critics, including Lott, said legally purchased guns were typically not the ones wielded by criminals. They also said the program suffered from widespread erroneous entry of data and the inadequate software often resulted in hundreds of "matches" being found for each casing tested. . . .
The real problem with Maryland's system wasn't erroneous data entry or inadequate software, it was the science predicted that the system would fail.



My research discussed by Ben Swann on CBS46-TV in Atlanta

WXIX Cincinnati Ohio 1

In his report, Ben Swann on the local Fox affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia mentions the CPRC research on the number of permits issued as well as our work on how law-abiding permit holders are.
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Gun Control is the Strongest Election Issue for Republicans over Democrats and that is the one topic that they have been getting even stronger on

PEW Survey on Election Issues
The new PEW Research Center Poll shows that gun control is the strongest issue that Republicans have over Democrats, and that gap has been growing.  And while Democrats have been getting stronger against Republicans on abortion, foreign policy, taxes and terrorism, the one issue that Republicans have been getting stronger compared to Democrats is gun control.
PEW Survey on Election Issues Changes over time