Continued massive coverage of the Taylor Woolrich story: What happens when a woman is being stalked but not able to defend herself

KGTV San Diego: "College student wants right to carry gun on campus"
Fox 5 San Diego: "Dartmouth student from San Diego wants to carry a gun on campus"
Red Alert Politics: "Darmouth College student advocates for concealed carry on campus"
KTOK 1000 Oklahoma: "Why David Boren et. al. Need to Re-think Their Gun Policies"
MyFoxChicago: "Ivy Leaguer with stalker may drop out over anti-gun policy"
The UK Daily News: "College student threatens to drop Dartmouth if the school does not allow her to carry a handgun on campus to protect herself from a 'stalker with a rape kit'"
Business Insider: "Dartmouth Won't Allow Student To Carry Gun For Protection, Despite A Man Allegedly Stalking Her For Four Years"
Fox 5 San Diego: "Dartmouth student from San Diego wants to carry a gun on campus"
China News: "美女学生长期遭老男人骚扰欲携枪防身遭校方拒绝 [The beautiful woman student suffers the old man to harass for a long time wants to take along the gun self-defense to suffer the school authorities to reject]"
The Blaze: "Ivy League School’s Response to Student Requesting to Carry a Concealed Handgun to Defend Herself From Dangerous Stalker"
NBC News in San Diego: "Dartmouth Student Seeks Right to Carry Gun to Protect Herself Against Stalker"
The Washington Times: "Stalked student may drop out of Dartmouth over no-guns policy"
Inquisitr: "Gun Control Rule At Dartmouth College Denies Taylor Woolrich Protection From Stalker With ‘Rape Kit’"
Katie Pavlich at Townhall.com: "Female Campus Carry Advocate and Dartmouth Student Details Stalking: "They Found a Rape Kit in His Car"
Katie Pavlich at Townhall.com: "Mother of Virginia Tech Victim Advocates For Concealed Carry on Campus
The Truth About Guns: "Dartmouth College Denies Stalker Victim Right to Armed Self Defense, Perpetuates #waronwomen"
Rare: "Dartmouth wouldn’t let this woman carry a gun to fend off her stalker"
Breitbart: "Dartmouth Student to "Drop out" unless she can carry gun to fend off stalker"
Newsbusters: "NBC Highlights College Student Fighting for Right to Carry Gun on Campus"
News World Today: "Dartmouth Won’t Allow Student To Carry Gun For Protection, Despite A Man Allegedly Stalking Her For Four Years"
Independent Journal Review: "Student Tormented By Stalker May Have To Drop Out Because College Won’t Allow Her To Defend Herself"
Georgia Newsday: "Stalked student will 'drop Dartmouth' for not allowing her a handgun"
The Examiner: "Female student not allowed to carry gun to protect self against predator"
NewHampshire.com: "Woman stalked by man, 67, caught with rape kit says she'll drop out of Dartmouth if not allowed to carry a gun"
MyFoxChicago: "Ivy Leaguer with stalker may drop out over anti-gun policy"
Voice of San Diego: "Student from SD Takes Stand on Carrying Gun"
BizPacReview: "College student stalked for 4 years makes impassioned plea to carry a gun for self-defense"
Campus Reform: "Dartmouth student denied concealed carry despite aggressive stalker"
Heavy: "Taylor Woolrich: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know"
Opposing Views: "Dartmouth Won't Allow Student To Carry Gun To Protect Against Stalker"
Red Alert Politics: "Darmouth College student advocates for concealed carry on campus"
KTOK 1000 Oklahoma: "Why David Boren et. al. Need to Re-think Their Gun Policies"
Los Angeles Times: "Dartmouth won't let woman carry gun to protect against accused stalker"
KTLA-TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles: "Dartmouth College Student Denied Request to Carry Gun to Protect Against Alleged Stalker"
Texas GOP Vote: "Dartmouth College Puts Anti-Gun Ideology Above Safety of Stalked Female Student"
KFMB 760 AM: "San Diego student seeks gun permit from Dartmouth"
WRTV Channel 6 Indianapolis: "College student wants right to carry gun on campus"
The Daily Reporter, Greenfield, Indiana: "San Diego student seeks concealed gun permit from Dartmouth to protect against alleged stalker"
KERO ABC Channel 23, Bakersfield, California: "San Diego student seeks gun permit from Dartmouth College"
The Lompoc Record, Lompoc, California: "San Diego student seeks gun permit from Dartmouth"
Breitbart (revisited): "Dartmouth will not allow stalking victim to carry gun for self-defense"
DigiNews: "Women Against Feminism fight back"

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Canadian mail order guns from 1902 to 1975

The first ad is from 1902 and the second from 1975.  The ads are available here for many other years.  Mail order guns in Canada were available up until 1979.

A history of Canadian gun control is available here (1945-1977) and here (1867-1945).



Vice President Joe Biden refers to the "Nation of Africa"

Vice President Joe Biden's gaffes are so frequent the media doesn't cover them.

UPDATE:  Of course, there is always CNN that says that Hong Kong is in Brazil.

CNN Hong Kong in Brazil


Why are women much more likely to think that we are in a recession and also believe that Democrats have the solution

After almost six years of Obamanomics, why is such an overwhelming majority of want more Democrat solutions.  What I would like to see is how these percentage compare to 2008, 2010, and 2012.  From the Wall Street Journal:

. . . This week's Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that women are more in sync with Democrats on a range of economic issues, including minimum wages and concerns about growing income inequality. With Republicans holding substantial advantages this year, the Democrats' appeal among women could provide a bulwark against a political drubbing. 
As members of the party that doesn't hold the White House, Republicans might ordinarily stand to gain most from the broad pessimism in the new poll that the nation is on the wrong track. But the poll found that women would prefer this fall's elections to produce a Democratic-controlled Congress, by a 51% to 37% margin—a 14-point gap. The reverse is true for men, who preferred a Republican Congress by 52% to 35%—a 17-point lead for the GOP. . . . .

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Obama administration can't account for how $619 billion was spent

Even by the Federal government standards, not being able to account for $619 billion is a lot of money.  From Fox News:
The Obama administration failed to properly account for how it spent nearly $619 billion, according to a watchdog audit of the main federal website meant to track where taxpayer money is going. 
The report from the Government Accountability Office picked apart the website USASpending.gov, and the agencies feeding information to it. 
The database of government spending and contracts was created out of a 2006 transparency law, but the GAO found it continues to have serious problems. The Department of Health and Human Services was the worst offender, during the 2012 period GAO examined. 
“Although agencies generally reported information for contracts to USASpending.gov, they did not properly report information on assistance awards, totaling nearly $619 billion,” the GAO reported. . . .

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By almost 2-to-1 vote, Missouri approves stronger constitutional protections to own guns

Bloomberg's gun groups claimed that this change would hurt safety in Missouri.  Voters overwhelmingly rejected the claims.  An explanation of the changes to the Missouri Constitution are available here at KFVS Channel 12:
Missourians voted to strengthen the state's gun rights law when they headed to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 5.  This ballot measure reads as follows:

"Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to include a declaration that the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right and that the state government is obligated to uphold that right?"
Currently, the U.S. Constitution grants American's the ability to keep and bear arms.
Missouri state law also protects that right.
Essentially, voters were asked to decide if this right to keep and carry guns should be an "unalienable right" just like American's rights to life and liberty. 
That would mean the right is impossible to take away and if it was challenged in court, this amendment would give Missourian's the highest level of legal protection.
Senator Kurt Schaefer, a supporter of the change, says if passed, Missouri would have the strongest gun rights in the country. . . .
The St. Louis Post has this discussion of the outcome of the vote:
And Amendment 5, reitervating the U.S. Constitution’s right to bear arms, won by almost 2 to 1. . . . 
The “right to bear arms” referendum (Amendment 5) will reiterate the U.S. Constitution’s similar guarantee, but with more specificity, making that right “inalienable.” Supporters argued it was needed because of attempts to restrict gun rights on the national level. 
Opponents argued that it would be an unnecessary duplication of the federal Constitution’s Second Amendment and that it could impede enforcement of reasonable firearms restrictions. 
After the vote, the group “Moms Demand Gun Sense in America” issued a statement warning: “Today Missouri voters approved a gun lobby-backed proposal that could gravely undermine public safety.” . . .

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If you want to get the wealthiest billionaires to live in your state, get rid of the state income tax

The states without an income tax are

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

  • Apparently, Tennessee and New Hampshire are not really zero income tax states as they impose significant taxes on interest and dividend income (6% and 5%, respectively).  There is a list of the wealthiest person in each state available here.

    I ran two regressions: one with the wealthiest person in the state on a dummy variable for them not having an income tax and then the same thing for just the continental US.

    Both estimates show the same thing.  Not having an income tax raises the wealth of the wealthiest person by $16.8 billion and not having an income tax in the continental states raises the wealth of the wealthiest person by $21.3 billion.


    Dartmouth Student Is Stalked for 4 Years, Wants Right to Carry Gun

    Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at  Wednesday, August 6, 12.27 PM
    Here is the first part of the story that was the lead up at Fox News:
    A 20-year-old Dartmouth student says she may have to give up her Ivy League dream and drop out of school because the prestigious college won't allow her to carry a gun -- to protect herself against a predator.
    Taylor Woolrich, a junior, says Dartmouth administrators told her they won’t let her carry a gun on campus, even though she lives in fear of a man who has been stalking her since she was a high school student in San Diego. 
    “It’s absolutely unfair,” Woolrich said about her attempts to have the school make an exception to its weapons ban. “It’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with.”
    Woolrich was 16 years old and working in a San Diego café when she says a man came in to buy coffee and then kept returning throughout the day, staring at her for long periods of time and trying to flirt with her. The man, 67-year-old Richard Bennett, kept this up for days, she says, even sitting outside the store for an entire day and then following her home, demanding that she talk to him and saying he was “trying to protect her.” 
    She filed a restraining order, but it did little to keep Bennett away. Woolrich says he constantly harassed her during her first two years at Dartmouth, stalking her on social media and sending messages in which he “promised” to fly across the country to see her at college. 
    “I thought they were empty threats, but when I came home from school last summer, he was at my front door within eight hours of my plane landing,” she said. “That’s when I realized how serious it was.” 
    Woolrich and her family called the police, and Bennett was arrested. A search of his car uncovered a slip noose, a knife, gloves and other items. 
    Bennett is currently in jail in San Diego County, accused of violating the restraining order and felony stalking, as well as other charges. His next court date is Aug. 20. If convicted, his maximum sentence would be four years. 
    Woolrich says she inquired about obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon in California and learned that the minimum age to get one is 21, though exceptions can be made under special circumstances. She says the Sheriff’s Licensing Division told her she could qualify, and she learned the same exception can be granted in New Hampshire, where Dartmouth is located. 
    But Dartmouth administrators told her she was “absolutely not” allowed to carry a weapon on campus. She says she tried to plead her case and was told to speak with several campus officials, all of whom provided little to no help. 
    “There’s no option. There’s no one to go to. They don’t want to hear my case,” she said.
    Many colleges across the country have banned guns on campus to prevent mass shootings and accidental shootings by irresponsible or inebriated students. But the pro-gun rights Crime Prevention Research Center, in a study published on Monday, said there have been no reported problems or issues with college-age permit holders on campuses in the nine states –  Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, Pennsylvania,Oregon, Mississippi, Kansas and Idaho – whose laws mandate that students and others be permitted to carry concealed handguns on public college grounds. 
    “There’s this fear about the possibility of students causing problems, but people talk about these things without actual examples,” the center’s president, John Lott, told FoxNews.com. “By far, the safest course of action is to carry a gun for protection, especially for female victims.” 
    “[Woolrich] has legitimate concern,” he added. “There’s only so much a restraining order can do.” 
    Woolrich says Dartmouth’s Department of Safety and Security told her that instead of carrying a gun, she should call campus security and arrange for an escort if she felt unsafe after dark. But she says she was often asked to justify her requests when she called, and security officers gave her a hard time for calling often. 
    “What they don’t understand is that it’s not enough,” she says. “Stalkers just don’t only show up after dark. Unless they have an armed guard in front of my dorm room, I'm not sure how safe I will be. I don’t think there’s much an unarmed guard can do.” . . .

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    New piece at the Daily Caller: "Why Legalizing Concealed Carry Is The Answer To Persistent Stalkers"

    Here is a piece that I had at the Daily Caller:
    Stalking victims often despair because they can’t control their own lives. They are forced to move, stay indoors, keep drapes closed, avoid posting on social media sites, and even change their cars. It’s almost like being held hostage. 
    Shall we tell women that they just have to put up with this? The answer is “no.” Women must be able to defend themselves. The most effective way of doing this is by using a gun. By the time the police arrive to enforce a restraining order, it is often too late. 
    One of us, Taylor Woolrich, has been living such a nightmare for over four years. It started when she was 16. Taylor was working at a café in San Diego when a 67-year-old man, Richard Bennett, came into the store for coffee. He kept coming back, staring at her for long periods of time and trying to flirt. He then would sit outside the store for the entire day. 
    It soon got much worse. He followed her around outside of work, demanding to talk and saying that he was “trying to protect [her].” 
    Right now, Richard Bennett is in jail a third time for violating his restraining order and will soon go to trial again. In June of this year, Taylor was shocked to discover how closely she was still being followed. It was late at night when she returned home to California from Dartmouth College on the East Coast. Early the very next morning, Bennett was at her door, wanting to talk. 
    Bennett was arrested and police searched his car. They discovered a “rape kit” including rope tied as slip noose, a knife, gloves, and other items. When police got a warrant, they found Taylor’s pictures all over Bennett’s house. They also found illegally obtained guns. . . .



    Students for Concealed Carry Conference in Washington DC at the National Press Club tomorrow

    From the Daily Caller:
    Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprising over 43,000 college students, professors, college employees, parents of college students, and concerned citizens who believe that holders of state-issued concealed handgun licenses should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses that they enjoy virtually everywhere else. 
    The group will hold its third Students for Concealed Carry Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on August 5, 2014, from 12:00 noon–5:00 p.m. 
    The event will feature many distinguished speakers, including author and scholar John R. Lott Jr., a panel of women speaking of their experiences in gun-free zones on college campuses, an academic panel for legal analysis, military and police trainers, and state legislators from across the country. . . .

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