Garden Grove, Ca: "65-year-old woman thwarts robbery on jewellery store after opening fire on five armed men"

From the UK Daily Mail:

Five armed men who attempted to rob a jewellery store were left scrambling for the door when a 65-year-old woman opened fire on them.  . . . They ordered everybody to drop to the ground, while opening up pillowcases and demanding cash in what was likely to be a violent smash-and-grab heist.But the robbers were thwarted in their tracks when the 65-year-old storeowner heard the commotion from the back of the store.She ran into the main room while firing two rounds, causing the men to panic and attempt to flee the store. The one-minute incident, which was captured on surveillance camera, shows the men falling over and stumbling into each other as they try to open the door. . . . .The elderly woman chases after them wielding her handgun as they attempt to leave in their getaway car.  But their vehicle left so quickly that three robbers were left behind and were picked up a block-and-a-half later. . . .



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