Amtrak's $16.15 burgers, riders paying $9.50

Remember the huge tens of billions of dollars expenditures that I pointed to for Amtrak just yesterday?  From Politico:

“I just went into this McDonald’s, and I could buy a drink for a dollar and a hamburger for a dollar. But if you buy a hamburger on Amtrak, it costs the taxpayers $6.65,” Mica said.
The media event was a follow-up to a Thursday hearing that focused on the railroad’s food and drink losses. A hamburger costs Amtrak $16.15, with riders paying $9.50, according to committee figures. Taxpayers pick up the remaining $6.65, Mica said.
“You may even see me on an Amtrak train with a sign that says, ‘Don’t eat the food, it adds to deficit spending,’” Mica said.
Toward the end of the presser, a train went by on the nearby elevated tracks, loudly blowing its horn. Mica seized the moment. “How much waste is going by? Please don’t buy the hamburgers!” he yelled at the train.
Mica also said Amtrak is violating a law, on the books since 1981, that states the railroad can’t lose money on food and beverage service. “They’re violating the law,” he said, “and I may look at some legal recourse to stop them from doing it.” . . .

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