New McCain ad on Obama being "The One"

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Blogger Junkyard Sam said...

Do you actually think this is a good ad? How about addressing an issue. Any of them?! I'd say McCain is an embarrassment to the Republican party - but with their track record of failing to respond effectively to natural disasters, rotting the economic infrastructure of this country, and starting unnecessary wars --- and George Bush Jr. --- I guess he fits right in.

I responded to yesterday's "Paris Hilton/Britney Spears/Barack Obama" commercial with another contribution to the Obama campaign.

Apparently over 100,000 other people like me did the same.

8/02/2008 4:33 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Sam:

The Obama that I knew at Chicago was an arrogant guy who refused to talk to people he disagreed with, this is even when he was a nobody. If you read my op-eds, you will see that I discuss issues heavily. As to complaining about the lack of issues, possibly you should talk to Obama about that.

8/02/2008 10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just this week, Obama was faced with a "heckler" (a nut job really) who asked the following:

"In the face of the numerous attacks that are made against the African community or the black community, by the same US government that you aspire to lead -- and we are talking about attacks like the subprime mortgage that you spoke of -- it wasn't just a general ambiguous kind of phenomena, a phenomena that targeted the African community and Latino community,attacks like the killing of Sean Bell by the New York police department and right here in St. Petersburg by the St. Petersburg police, and Jena 6 and Hurricane Katrina, and the list goes on. In the face of all these attacks that are clearly being made on the African community, why is it that you have not had the ability to not one time speak to the interests and even speak on the behalf of the oppressed and exploited African community or black community in this country?"

Presidential leadership means straight talk like telling nut jobs that you don't agree with their opinions.

Obama's response to this query that presumes that the U.S. government is involved in a deliberate and systematic campaign to destroy the black community?

"Alright. Alright. Well, I...the...uh..I-I guess I-I...Hold on a second, everybody...I-I-I want everybody to be respectful, that's why we're having a town hall meeting. This-this-this is democracy at work. And he had-he asked a legitimate question, so I wanna give him an answer."

Um...I think you're misinformed about, when you say, "not one time". Every issue you've spoken about, I actually did speak out on.

Notice how Obama didn't set him straight on being misinformed regarding this outrageous evil fantasy. No, Obama instead set him straight on how Obama has worked hard to counter that phantom delusional concern.

Obama is an embarrassment not only to the democratic party but an embarrassment to all Americans.

True to form, Obama's supporters simply respond to this incident with the following chorus:

La la la la hopey changey!

8/02/2008 2:22 PM  
Blogger Junkyard Sam said...

(My "issue" comment was directed at McCain, not you John. I should have been more clear.)

8/02/2008 3:45 PM  

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