New info on Heller 2

Stephen Halbrook on the new case that he filed for Dick Heller in DC. In the Washington Times, Halbrook was quoted as saying:

"D.C. has stuck to its position that semi-automatic guns are machine guns. It's a crazy definition of machine gun."

In the Washington Post, Halbrook was quoted as saying:

"Under the D.C. [law], a robber has to make an appointment with you so you can get your gun ready for him."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the District going to prosecute more heavily if someone has a true selective fire gun with 30 or 50 round mags, compared to a semi auto pistol with say a 13 round mag?

If not, then they have just removed a major deterrent to individuals manufacturing and keeping true machineguns at home (admittedly the Federal authorities would also be in the que to prosecute).

Ironically true SMGs are easier than almost any other gun to make at home, as proven by the European resistance movements who cloned STEN guns by the thousand under the noses of the Nazi occupiers, and the Isrealis who did the same under the noses of the Brits.

A fellow Brit showed what can be accomplished with standard pipe fittings and household handtools:


If he hadn't written up and published his experiment, he'd probably still have the gun.


7/29/2008 1:26 PM  

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