Americans more concerned about Speculators than Drilling

Rasmussen has a new poll showing.

Voters are nearly evenly divided on which is more important– cracking down on speculators or lifting the ban on offshore drilling -- as the debate comes to a head in Congress this week over how to fight rising gas and oil prices. As far as public opinion is concerned, the best answer would be to do both.

A new Rasmussen Reports national survey, taken last night (Monday), finds that 45% think placing more restrictions on energy speculators is more important , while 42% take the opposite view that allowing offshore oil drilling is more important. . . .

This is very disappointing, but not surprising. It is hard to think of any major politician who is trying to educate people on this issue.

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Blogger DJK said...

I think, and I'm not an educated person so take it for what it's worth, that there's probably a good chunk of people in that poll who chose "speculators" because they don't know what that is....and it sounds like rich evil white guys do it, so it must be bad. We seem to dislike what we don't understand and these people don't understand commodity speculation so that's the one they chose. "Honey, whose that on the phone? Gallup polls? Hmm? what's worse speculation or drilling? (wtf is speculation...sounds bad) Tell em speculation! Drilling is just a big drill, not all that bad." My point being that polls are lame.

8/05/2008 6:03 PM  

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