"Wide support for 'gun violence restraining orders'"

First, let me say that it isn't obvious how accurate this poll is for one simple reason: it was done right after a tragic attack (of course, the poll doesn't mention that half the victims were stabbed to death or that most of the injuries were due to the car that the killer was driving).  When you do a poll right after an attack it shows you about the worst numbers that you can show on the gun control front.  YouGov has a poll showing strong support for taking away people's guns if they have "mental illness."  California is considering taking away people's guns "if they are mentally troubled and their behaviour is reported to the authorities by friends of family."  Given current judicial precedent,  I have a hard time believing that someone's guns can be without a judicial hearing.  The incentives that this rule would create to harass people that relatives aren't happy with could create all sorts of bad consequences.

Regarding overall gun control, 49 percent want more gun control and 45 percent want things to either stay the same or be loosened.  If this is the worst that these numbers are right now, there is still a general trend against more gun control.



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