Seriously? Father faced criminal penalties for having a disobedient son walk an entire mile home

Is it really a horrible punishment to make a son who is misbehaving have to walk for an entire 15 to 20 minutes?  How can that be so horrible?  Are children considered by the courts to be so sensitive that they can't walk for that long of a period of time?  From Fox News:
A judge sentenced a Hawaii man to one year of probation and a $200 fine for making his son walk a mile home from school as a form of discipline.
Judge Kathleen Watanabe called the punishment "old-school" and no longer appropriate, the Garden Island newspaper reported Thursday.
Robert Demond of Kilauea said he picked up his son from school and asked about a matter that had been brought to his attention. When the son didn't respond, Demond made him walk home to think about his actions.
The age of the boy is unclear. Demond's attorney and a prosecutor didn't immediately respond to a request seeking comment from The Associated Press.
Demond was also ordered to attend a parenting class after being convicted of endangering the welfare of a minor, a misdemeanor. Demond pleaded no contest and said he would handle the situation differently now after the case went through two courts. . . . .



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That's pupule! When our daughter was 4, both my parents and my wife's were visiting one Sunday. In the confusion of multiple cars, our daughter got left at church after the service. When we got home and discovered she wasn't in any of the cars, I immediately returned to the church, a little under 2 miles away. Shen I couldn't find her there, I started to drive home along the most direct pedestrian route. Sure enough. A couple of blocks from our house I found her, purposefully walking home. She had manage to cross a 6-lane highway at the light and walk well over a mile, leaving only a short straight walk home. If the kid was in school, he was old enough to walk, unless the judge wasn't the only one pupule.

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