Jim Steyer: Another billionaire joins Michael Bloomberg and George Soros in pushing for gun control

From Politico:
. . . The biggest potential asset Jim Steyer brings to partnership is his link to the grassroots. Nearly a million parents and 145,000 teachers subscribe to ratings services he runs to assess the quality of children’s TV programs, video games and educational apps. 
Jim Steyer sees them as an untapped political force. And he intends to mobilize them. “Kids deserve a voice as powerful as the NRA is for gun owners, as powerful as the AARP is for seniors,” he said, “and we are going to deliver that.” . . . 
 Despite his loyalty to the Clintons, Steyer has tried to remain nonpartisan in recent decades to protect the integrity of his nonprofits. A registered independent, he says with pride that he does not donate to political candidates. Ever. 
Told that campaign finance records show he made a $2,300 donation to Hillary Clinton in 2007, he falls uncharacteristically silent for a moment. Must be from his wife, he says.
But it’s in his name.
“Hillary?” he asks. Another pause. “OK,” he says finally, sounding sheepish. “One time. By mistake.” (The records also show a contribution to John Kerry in 2002, but no other state or federal donations.) . . . .

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