How gun control help killed her husband: Nikki Goeser on Investigation Discovery (link to TV video and news story)

People can watch Nikki's story here:

Fox TV Nashville ("Gun Rights Activist Nikki Goeser Shares her Story on Investigation Discovery") has a story on Nikki Goeser's personal story and the Discovery Channel's Investigation Discovery show on her story is available here.
NASHVILLE, TN - Almost five years after her husband was murdered at a South Nashville sports bar, Nikki Goeser goes into detail about the tragedy on national TV. 
She's become known as a gun right's advocate here in the midstate but tonight, there's more to her story. 
We all know Nikki Goeser for strongly supporting gun rights here in Tennessee.     
But you'll soon see details leading up to that fateful night in 2009 that claimed her husband's life and what she wants you to know about it. 
Nikki Goeser and her late husband Ben had only been married a year before a man stalking her opened fire in a bar they were working in. 
Security video appears to show the murderer pulling a handgun and then shooting Ben Goeser multiple times. 
Nikki Goeser, a gun carry permit holder, was not allowed by state law to carry her firearm into Johnny's sports bar. 
She's since been the face of gun rights here in Tennessee and credited with the passing of two bills, one allowing guns in establishments that serve alcohol.     
Another bill allows guns locked in your personal vehicle while you're at work. Goeser is also grateful to share her story to a broader audience with the release of a new book. . . .
Note: My son Maxim helped edit her book. 

People can also read her piece on Fox News from yesterday available here.



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Nikki has also testified for restaurant carry before several other state legislatures, including Ohio. I saw her and Suzanna Hupp. Our law passed, and I thank both of them for their help.

3/01/2014 7:04 PM  

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