"Homeowner shoots escaped prisoner in southwest Iowa"

This armed escaped prisoner cut the telephone line and took their cell phone so there was no way for them to call the police for help.  From the front page of the Quad-City Times:
BEDFORD, Iowa  An escaped inmate suspected of shooting a southwest Iowa sheriff's deputy was killed Tuesday morning by a rural Bedford homeowner who said the armed man broke into his house, authorities said. 
Rodney Long was shot to death after he broke into a retired farm couple's home about 10:15 p.m. Monday, awakening them. Long, who was armed with a handgun, cut their telephone lines and used their cell phone, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Mitch Mortvedt said. 
After about four hours, Jerome Mauderly, 71, shot Long with a shotgun in the kitchen of the home he shares with his wife, Carolyn, 66. 
"As the situation wore on the decision was made by the Mauderlys they were going to defend themselves," Mortvedt said. "At 2:11 a.m. the Taylor County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from Carolyn Mauderly." 
She told a dispatcher that her husband had shot an intruder. 
An Iowa State Patrol officer was nearby and quickly responded, finding Long face down on the kitchen floor, Mortvedt said. No one else was injured. 
Iowa officers, with help from Missouri officers and a Nebraska State Patrol aircraft, had been searching for Long since Sunday night, scouring about 16 square miles, after a southern Iowa sheriff's deputy was shot, Mortvedt said. They had searched the Mauderlys' property three times. The home is about 5 miles west of Bedford. . . .
Thanks to Yih-Chau Chang for alerting me to this article.



Blogger Blaine Holzer said...

What would the "gun grab" crowd have preferred to have happened? If this couple were in the U.K. or even California, they might well have been executed by this criminal who would then be free to kill again. In all the years the Feinstein's and Bloomberg's of the world have been rabidly anti-gun have they not considered how their policies actually play out and harm people in the real world?
I think they agree with Lenin "You have to break some eggs to make an Omelet" The "Omelet" in this case is their "new world order" wherein the peasants are thoroughly disarmed.

Molon Labe!

8/20/2013 4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that if you kept a gun for self defense you were more likely to have the gun turned on you rather than shoot a crook?

Where are those stories?

8/20/2013 5:02 PM  

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