Why if you believe what Democrats say, they should support allowing anonymous donations.

With Democrats frequently scooping up over $156 million of Obama's donations can in donations of less than $200 in 2004 and more than half of his donations in 2012 that they don't collect information on (apparently many from foreign countries (see also here)), they apparently have no problems with anonymous donations as long as you break it down into many small payments.  But the claims from Democrats in a recent The Hill newspaper article provides an explanation why publishing the names of donors discourages races against incumbents.
Bevin’s biggest obstacle will be to raise money for his campaign, as many business groups and political action committees will steer clear of the race for fear of offending McConnell, one of the nation’s most powerful Republicans. 
Democrats have subtly tried to influence other Republican primaries, such as last year’s contest in Missouri. But strategists predict Democratic donors and groups will stay away from Bevin. 
“It would be an absolute disaster for McConnell to lose in a primary instead of a general [election]. It would send the signal that McConnell is not conservative enough when the signal we need to send is that Kentucky voters don’t like obstruction,” said Adam Green, co-founder of Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which launched a new television ad in Kentucky this week hitting McConnell on Social Security. . . .

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