Fox News' Political Insiders make some great points on the Obama Scandals

Fox News' Political Insiders on Scandals

This is one of my favorite shows.  Pat Caddell is awesome, and I found 

myself agreeing more than usual with Doug Schoen. Two excellent 
points were made on the show (starting around 3:30 into the interview).

1) Why do we trust any agency, including the NSA, to investigate itself?

2) 2,700 hundred abuses just in the Washington, DC area and for every

violation there could be thousands of Americans who could be violated.

On another topic, Schoen argued that Nixon is a piker compared to Obama on 

the abuse of power.  One of the articles of impeachment against Nixon went 
after him for "musing" about using the IRS to attack his enemies.  Obama's 
administration did more than Nixon even mused about.

Contrast this discussion with a recent editorial in the Washington Post.  

The Post seems to want to argue that while he was clearly wrong in his 
frequently repeated statements that there had been no abuses of power, they 
are unwilling to say that Obama lied.  The implication is that he may have 
been frequently inaccurate, but the implication from the Post is that he 
didn’t necessarily deliberately lie because he may not have known he was 
not telling the truth.

The Fox News' Political Insiders are having none of this whitewashing.  

They clearly argue that the press is covering up for Obama and that 
Obama's lies are making it possible for him to completely undermine the 
rule of law in the US.



Blogger Blaine Holzer said...

Is it possible that the Republicans are hoping to make enough gains in the 2014 elections so that they are in a more powerful position to impeach Obama and actually shove him the hell out? Or, is this just wishful thinking on my part? I'm certainly not any kind of expert but hasn't Obama crossed enough "lines" to be impeached by any rational calculation? Will he cause a "false flag" horrifying event to initiate marshal law to stop any impeachment activity? Is THAT why no one in congress is loudly calling for his ouster?
Molon Labe!

8/20/2013 5:09 PM  

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