"Spokane Grandmother Of 10 Holds Burglar At Gunpoint At Her Home"

From the CBS affiliate in Seattle:

Spokane police say a grandmother held a burglar at gunpoint at her home until authorities arrived.
KXLY-TV reports that Sandy Mize, a grandmother to 10, fired a warning shot and held the suspect, 35-year-old Sean Denny, in her living room until he tried to get away. That’s when authorities apprehended him in her backyard early Wednesday morning.
“I told him I was armed,” she told KREM-TV. “He kept coming, so I started backing up.”
Mize says she fired a warning round at the suspect but it did not hit him.
“He laid on the couch. I stood there for a very short period of time. I asked him, ‘Did I hit you?’ There was no response. No movement,” Mize told KREM. “So I made my way to the telephone and dialed 911.” . . .
Thanks to Anthony Troglio for the link.



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