Obama to push for UN Arms Trade Treaty in Senate

The Obama administration kept promising that the treaty would only be approved by unanimity, but, of course, the president broke that promise.  From The Hill newspaper:

The Obama administration defied a majority of the Senate on Tuesday by voting to approve a United Nations treaty on the trade of small arms and other conventional weapons. 
The treaty, overwhelmingly approved by the U.N., requires countries to create internal mechanisms to ensure that their arms exports aren’t likely to be used to harm civilians or violate human rights laws. 
President Obama is expected to sign the treaty within the next few months, but it faces a tough road to win the two-thirds majority support needed in the Senate for approval.  
It is opposed by the National Rifle Association, which argues the accord violates the Second Amendment by regulating small arms, such as rifles and handguns, and calling for the creation of an “end-user registry.” 
Fifty-three senators voiced their disapproval late last month by voting in favor of a nonbinding amendment to a Senate budget resolution to stop the U.S. from entering the treaty. . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Obama cannot sign it, vote for it, or in any way support it without a two thirds majority vote of the Senate.

U.S. Constitution
Article II, Section 2, Clause 2.

One should also refer to Reid v Covert (1957). In this case, any treaty that is in violation of the Constitution is simply null and void. Of course, Obama does not care at all.

Obama's pattern of ignoring our rights continues unabated, and yet no one in government even attempts to stop him.

4/03/2013 12:42 PM  

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