Illinois counties voting for concealed carry by a combined 69%

UPDATED: I don't have any raw vote numbers for two of the counties (though the initiative passed in those counties with at least 73% of the vote).  In many of the counties this was listed as a Constitutional amendment.

Adams County -- 78 percent in favor to 22 percent against (22,994 to 6,681)

Rock Island County -- 57% of people in favor of conceal carry and 42% against (62,242 to 35,715)
Warren County -- 73 percent in favor to 27 percent against (also here)
Henry County -- 73 percent in favor to 27 percent against (16,526 to 5,974)
Bond County -- 77.8 percent in favor to 22.2 percent against (5,502 to 1,572)
Randolph County -- 75.2 percent in favor to 24.8 percent against (10,071 to 3,319) 
Mercer County -- 78 percent in favor to 22 percent against (6,373 to 1,789).
McDonough County -- 68.4 percent in favor to 31.6 percent against (8,082 to 3,735)
Schuyler County -- 81 percent in favor to 19 percent against
Stephenson County -- 68 percent in favor to 32 percent against (13,067 to 6,140)

The totals for the eight counties that are available are 144,857 to 64,925 and that comes to 69 percent versus 30.86 percent.  Total votes were 
209,670.  Since the two counties that I don't have the raw vote totals for had even higher percentages voting for the initiatives, it is likely that more than 70 percent of all voters voted for allowing concealed carry.

Thanks very much to Tony Troglio for many of these links.  Thanks very much to Brian Wegner for this picture showing were the counties are.



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