The mixed view from the state legislatures

Prior to the election there were 2,420 House and 874 Senate Democrats and 2,926 House and 1,030 Senate Republicans. After the election there were 2,584 House and 888 Senate Democrats and 2,785 House and 1,017 Senate Republicans. That represents a 6.8% increase in Democratic House members, and their increase in state Senate seats was only 1.6%. But remember, Republicans picked up 675 seats in 2010. So to put it another way, Republicans gave up 178, or 26%, of the 675 seats that they picked up in 2010. In addition, 70 percent of that 6.8% is from just one state (115 of the 164 seats), New Hampshire, and that is because that state has 400 state legislators.  The information is from the NCSL.org.



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