Weird poll: almost half of women would prefer having larger breasts than higher intelligence

From the UK Daily Mail:

They say it’s what’s inside that counts – but most young women in this country would beg to differ, it seems.
Shocking new research shows almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would prefer to have large breasts than high intelligence - with a third even saying they would gladly swap. . . .
The survey of 1,142 women by the discount website by www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk aimed to discover more about the attitudes young women hold towards brains and beauty.
In contrast with bigger breasts would attract more men, just 43 per cent felt that men would be ‘more interested’ in them if they had a higher IQ.
Researchers also found around 40 per cent of respondents would rather have a ‘slim figure’ than high intelligence, with many stating that it would make them feel ‘more confident’.
Almost the same percentage of people said they would swap their IQ in order to be their ‘ideal dress size’.
When it came to relationships, most women felt men ‘valued’ intelligence in women, although two thirds said they felt appearance was more important when attracting a partner. . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

In order to preserve my health and intact body, I refuse to comment on this subject...

3/03/2012 10:33 AM  

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