Judge under fire for showing woman his gun in court room



Blogger ToryII said...


The most U.S. shooting rampages happen from December thru April (winter). The fewest happen from May thru August (summer).

Many will happen in December, the most in April.

Norway and S. Korea had the worst rampages.

I was surprised to learn the Illinois Legislature is very busy in the month of May.

If there is an observable fact about shooters it would be mental illness. I also think Jared Loughner could still have been enticed or antagonized into targeting Gabby Giffords...I think his type is easily driven nuts and being mislead into thinking Giffords (for example) is the source of his anger.

B.B. (from Illinois)

3/02/2012 5:35 AM  
Blogger ToryII said...

Therefore, the ideal target to create a shooting rampage to help justify more antign law (when Legislatures are in session) are people capable of buying a gun AND then are easily pushed over the edge (young people and people who are more often depressed and people who are already unbalanced).

Something exists that is capable of antagonizing gun owners to get them to kill innocent people.

No ?

3/02/2012 5:40 AM  

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