My newest Fox News Piece: "Obama's contraception deception"

My new piece starts this way:

Thursday Senate Democrats narrowly voted down an attempt to end President Obama's mandate that Catholic organizations provide their employees with abortions and contraception for no co-pay or deductible.
Democrats pulled out the heavy artillery, sending out an e-mail last night charging that Republicans want to “tear down access to better care.” The campaign linked this vote to the specter of Republicans “bann[ing] many common forms of birth control, including the pill, and fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization.”
Obama’s so-called reversal a couple of weeks ago that switched mandates from religious organizations to insurance companies that they buy policies from changed nothing. This cynical ploy can only work if women and the Catholic Bishops don't understand really basic economics.
Catholic organizations are upset that they might be forced to pay for abortions and contraception. Obama's solution?
The president originally wanted to mandate that Catholic organizations buy insurance policies with those services offered.
Now he instead proposes that health insurance plans must always cover abortions and contraception, and that these services must be provided for free.
By Obama's reasoning, if insurance companies are banned from charging for abortions and contraception, Catholic organizations aren't really going to be forced to pay for their costs. . . .

These comments by Rush Limbaugh is of some interest.

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Blogger retire05 said...

Either way, Obama thinks he can violate the very tenets of the Constitution; either he abolishes the right of religions to practice their faith as they choose (the very first tenets mentioned in the First Amendment), or he forces businesses to provide products without being able to charge for those products.

What Obama assumes is that once you take a job from a company, you have the "right" to mandate what benefits the company offers you, AFTER you agreed to accept the position.

What rights you do have are to be able to apply for a job with a particular company, and if the company is willing to hire you, and offers you the benefits (salary and health care) that meets with your approval, you have the right to take the job. If the salary and the benefits do not meet with your approval, you have the right to seek employment elsewhere.

3/01/2012 5:28 PM  

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