So much for the Obama administration claim that mandating abortion and contraception coverage would lower insurance costs

Obviously it is right that people will pay for these benefits one way or the other. From The Hill Newspaper

The insurance industry is concerned it will take a hit from the Obama administration’s mandate that they provide birth control in health plans for employees of religious organizations that object to the coverage.

Publicly, the health insurance industry has avoided getting involved in the fight.

But in private, the industry is dubious of the administration’s argument that the insurance industry wouldn't take a hit because birth control is cheaper than unwanted pregnancies.
The trade group America's Health Insurance Plans has limited its comments to saying it worries about the "precedent" the mandate would set. The concern is that the government could eventually require health plans to cover any number of preventive services – even prescription drugs - without copays or deductibles, under the theory that they save money in the long-term.

Privately, however, insurers say there's nothing "free" about preventing unwarranted pregnancies. They say the mandate also covers costly surgical sterilization procedures, and that in any case even the pill has up-front costs.

"Saying it's revenue-neutral doesn't mean it's free and that you're not paying for it," an industry source told The Hill. . . .

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Blogger www.greenworldbvi.com said...

That cracks me up. Whenever governments want to do something that costs money and are not sure how to pay for it, they simply trot out the old canard of "oh, no worries mate, its revenue neutral!" When you hear the words revenue neutral, it means you'd best lock the button on your back pocket of your trousers where you're wallet is. No one says the government has no role to play in the economy - I personally have long felt that the government should be involved in making alternative investments in R&D in such areas as nano-technology or other advanced sciences. Preferably by giving block grants to the best research universities in the country, without trying to pick and choose a la Solyndra. This contraceptive case though is just another case of the nanny state poking its bloody nose where it doesn't belong.

2/21/2012 4:45 PM  

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