A psychiatrist analyzes Media Matters' David Brock

From Dr. Keith Ablow at Fox News:

In a somewhat ominous and psychologically violent use of language, he described himself as a “right-wing hit man.” . . .
when his book "The Seduction of Hillary Rodham" wasn’t embraced by politicians on the right, Brock grew bitter. He then recanted a great deal of what he had written about the Clintons, exposed one of his confidential sources (despite this being journalistically unethical) and began to cultivate a left-wing following. . . . .
Indeed, even as a young man, Brock was so needy of attention—so desperate for regard from an audience (and perhaps any audience)—that he admits, "I demonized my enemies on the staff..." at his college newspaper while he was a student at Berkeley. . . . .
Any psychiatrist will tell you, however, that a person who holds two diametrically opposed views of the world, who speaks of himself as a hit man, who encourages a “war” on a group of journalists (in this case, Fox News), who has by his own admission been a drug user, who has been delusional and who reportedly is playing with guns and thinks there are assassins out to get him...needs some help. . . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Even with such insight as provided by Dr. Ablow, there are those who will support David Brock no matter what his mental condition so long as he keeps attacking the right.

The Obama administration is a fine example of this, as they coordinate with Media Matters so Obama can get reelected.

2/18/2012 10:25 AM  

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