Where do Americans stand on Concealed Carry Laws?

Angus-Reid Survey: 59% of Americans support either a right-to-carry law (51%) or a "Vermont" style rule (8%) that doesn't require a permit. Even 50% of Democrats and 50% of non-gun owners fall in this category.

There was also this question. The answer to it raises the question of what the reaction would have been if the 4 Justice minority on the court had their way with the Heller and McDonald decisions. These four justices don't even represent the views of Democrats.

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Blogger Kris said...

Page 5 of the report indicates that 61% of respondents believe that only police should have access to semiautomatic firearms. I was shocked that this number is so high!

My guess is that many of the people who professed this opinion are confused about the difference between semiautomatic and automatic firearms. The vast majority of all civilian-owned firearms are semiautomatic. These, of course, fire one shot with each trigger pull. Automatic firearms fire multiple shots with each trigger pull.

I suspect this confusion is due in large part to the US media, who are frequently confused themselves or who know better but actively promote the confusion to advance their views.

I wonder if the folks at Angus Reid are aware of this difference and the way in which this confusion could alter their results.

1/29/2012 4:24 PM  

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