Maxim has a new piece at Fox News: "California Police Sticking to Guns in Defense of Letting Kids Hold Automatic Weapons"

His new piece is available here and starts this way:

Would you let your kid touch a machine gun?
Photos of officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department letting kids handle the department’s SWAT team weaponry at a community event has sparked a debate over how much exposure to guns is healthy for kids.
Community organizer Attila Nagy, who took the photos, told FoxNews.com that he was concerned it might encourage kids to use guns in the future.
"My main concern is for kids who handle these things. They're fascinated by them, and it makes them familiar with guns," he said.
One city councilwoman, Marsha Vas Dupre, told her local paper that she was “alarmed and devastated” by the photos.
But the police department is pushing back, saying they see nothing wrong with how they handled the event.
"The weapons are rendered safe and are unloaded. We ensure the safety of those weapons," Santa Rosa Police Capt. Gary Negri told FoxNews.com, adding that the police attend the event to build ties between the police and the community.
"Our goal is saying to people, ‘hey, don't be intimidated by the police.’ We want to break down that barrier… Once these events are over, people will be more comfortable having conversations with officers.” . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

As a child, I too was fascinated by firearms. In my case, however, I was fortunate to have two individuals who took the time to ensure that I did understand that firearms are tools that are very dangerous if not treated properly.

To that end, I was drilled time and again about proper handling, cleaning, and storage of firearms with a very big emphasis on saftey. That, and I had to clean those weapons over and over again.

Cleaning those various firearms over and over again sure did take out the curiosity in a real big hurry!

After all these years, I still have a healthy respect for firearms and adhere to the rules concerning safe handling of them.

Thanks Joel, and C. Paul!

8/19/2011 1:14 PM  

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