Is this the way the government should be run?

If he does this to other commissioners, what happens to those who are regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission? Do you really want to give people like this the power that government has? If this weren't being done by a Democrat, would it be getting more attention? From Politico:

The conflict plays out in various, often petty, ways. For example, Jaczko has developed a system of approval for commissioners requesting foreign travel. The system had simple rules, including one that required only Svinicki [a Republican] to produce a written justification for such requests.

An NRC inspector general report earlier this year noted that Jaczko “used foreign travel as an incentive for supporting him on issues.”

According to the report, Jaczko told investigators that “it was his responsibility to decide who best represented the agency and if he had colleagues who did not support him on votes, he was not likely to send them to represent him and the agency on international travel.”

The IG report also referenced several accounts from current and former NRC staff members who said Jaczko’s aggressive behavior created “an intimidating work environment,” in part because he often yelled at his colleagues on the commission.

Dale Klein, a former NRC chairman, said he believed the report presented a tamer version of accounts than what was collected by investigators.

Klein described Jaczko’s behavior as “ruling by intimidation” and by cornering his colleagues on agency issues through the media. When it came to Jaczko’s interactions with Svinicki, he said, “While I was there, he would oftentimes yell at her.” . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

There was an outrageously out of control, government official along those lines in Schenectady, New York. He wasn't reined in until after he started setting off pipe bombs at people's homes. It does no one any favors to let these people get away with their behavior.


8/17/2011 7:36 AM  

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