Obama moves to give illegals defacto citizenship

This could be an explosive story. The question is also what impact that this policy will have on more illegals coming into the US. From the Fox News:

The Obama administration announced Thursday that it would launch a case-by-case review of illegal immigrants slated for deportation, in a move that could grant a reprieve to so-called DREAM Act beneficiaries and thousands of others.
The DREAM Act is a proposal in Congress to give illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children a chance at legal status if they complete two years of college or military service. Though the bill has not passed, supporters and critics alike suggested Thursday's announcement could serve to unilaterally carry out its provisions.

A spokeswoman with the Federation for American Immigration Reform described the new policy as "blanket amnesty."
But Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a letter to Senate Democrats that it would "enhance public safety" by focusing deportation efforts on those "who pose a threat." . . .



Blogger Chas said...

"This could be an explosive story."

Markie Marxist sez: "Not the way that my Marxist amigos in the MSM are going to play it! Just another ho hum story out of Washington. No big change. It's pretty much been happening that way for a long time now. This will make things better, you know, all the usual blandishments. A story is only something to get excited about if they say it is. Anyone getting excited about it otherwise will be labeled ridiculous and branded a kook! You don't want to be a ridiculous kook, do you? Ha! Ha! All your MSM are belong to us! I mean, what's so newsworthy about the nation's chief law enforcement executive refusing to enforce the law? It's not like he isn't doing the job he's paid to do, is it? Not if my Marxist amigos in the MSM don't say it is! Ha! Ha! All your law enforcement are belong to us! And we're not enforcing immigration laws today! Ha! Ha! The law is the law, except when it's not!"

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