How can people think that Wisconsin's new labor rules are unfair when even New Jersey is making similar changes?

With Massachusetts and New Jersey Democrats passing these bills, how Republicans be demonized on the union issue?

The move to stabilize New Jersey's underfunded pension and health care systems by requiring public workers to pay sharply more for the benefits while suspending bargaining over health care was fast-tracked through the Legislature Monday, after Democrats joined with Republicans to buck the powerful public employee unions. . . .
Public-sector unions remain vehemently opposed to the legislation, in part, because it limits collective bargaining over health care. . . .
The effort to limit public employees' collective bargaining rights has gained momentum in other states. The GOP-led effort in Wisconsin calls for public workers to pay more for health and pension benefits beginning in late August unless a lawsuit by a coalition of unions is successful.
In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich in March signed a law limiting bargaining rights, which has yet to go into effect. And in Michigan, the Republican state Senate has passed measures to require most public employees to cover at least 20 percent of the cost of buying their health insurance coverage, with some flexibility for local bargaining units.
The Massachusetts House passed a bill in late April stripping public-sector unions of the right to bargain over health care.



Blogger Rail Claimore said...

Not to mention their southern neighbor Illinois is doing the same thing. It's okay when Democrats seek to curb union power, but when Republicans want to do the same thing (and only in public sector jobs, we're not talking right-to-work here), children will be working in coal mines again, according to the media.

6/22/2011 8:26 PM  

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