Crazy gun free zone laws messes up Honor student's life

The fact that the government can't differentiate between good people and bad people with guns is a big mistake. The fact that the gun free zone laws only really stop good people and not criminals needs to be recognized. These bans attract problems rather than stop them.

On the morning of Dec.1, Demari DeReu drove to Columbia Falls High School in Montana and parked her blue-green Honda Accord in the lot, just as she does every morning. The 16-year-old honor roll student, class treasurer and varsity cheerleader walked in to school, forgetting entirely about the unloaded hunting rifle locked in the trunk of her car.
Later that day, there was an announcement telling students contraband sniffing dogs were scouting the parking lot, sparking her memory. She immediately told administrators that she’d forgotten to remove her scoped hunting rifle from the trunk following a Thanksgiving family hunting excursion.
She was suspended from school for violating federal and state gun laws.
On Monday, the school board will convene for a hearing to decide the fate and academic future of the high school junior, who recently was voted most dedicated cheerleader by her teammates and coach. . . . .

Here is another piece about another type of gun free zone.

Thanks to Jean Wigle for this last link.

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